6 x 4 Economy Series ( 750kg )

The entry level trailers by Galvtech Trailers design to take on light loads (ATM = 750kg). Ideal for everyday household user to move "light" load like furnitures, appliances, mattresses etc etc. Priced very competitively however designed to withstand everyday use. An ideal household addition for your next house moving.

6 x 4 Economy Series ( 750kg )

$1,299.00 $990.00


Currently the best coating to prevent rust. (DId you know? Even when the galvanized coating is damaged, the zinc can continue to protect the exposed steel through galvanic corrosion.)

Jockey Wheel

Makes it easier to push the trailer around when it is not hook on the car

Suspension System

Most places charge ~$200 extra to upgrade from “eye to slipper” to “eye to eye”


100% Hot Dipped Galvanized Cage. Hold more stuffs. Easy release hooks.

Spare wheel

Just in case.

Spare wheel bracket

100% Hot Dipped Galvanized Bracket. Hold the spare wheel upright. Create space on the drawbar for the toolbox or some people place their lawn mower.


1200mm x 400mm x 400mm


Big Brother wants some money too.


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